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[Made-to-order] Katana Dragon Camera Strap / Hand braiding Silk Kumihimo [Color Custom]

[Made-to-order] Katana Dragon Camera Strap / Hand braiding Silk Kumihimo [Color Custom]

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Shipping date: about 8 weeks

*This strap will be made to your desired length, up to approximately 130cm, upon receipt of your order.*

*Product photo is Japan Black (Color No.01) - Burgundy(Color No.36), and Safari(Color No.12)-Lime Gold(Color No.23).
Please select your favorite color for the front and back sides respectively.
Please check the photo*

This is a method of braiding called 竜甲/Dragon's scale.
As the name implies, this cord has a pattern like dragon scales floating on it.

This braid is a cord favored by samurai during the Edo period and used to be used as a cord for 下緒/sageo ( the lower cord) of Japanese swords.
I make it thicker than a typical sageo to make it easier to use as a camera strap.

Because the two cords are braided together, it takes twice as long to braid as a regular one-cord strap.

My strap is made using the technique of traditional Japanese craft, "Kumihimo".
I'm braiding everything by myself.

strap: Silk
connect ring: Chrome plating on brass
Length: Finish to your desired length up to approximately 130cm including rings
Connect ring inside diameter: 14.5mm
Connect ring thickness: 2.55mm
Made in Japan
*I use the connect ring from Japanese "Cura" brand.*


This is for the strap only.
Accessories other than the strap you ordered, such as the camera or soft release button, are not included.

*If you want to add leather pads or camera fixing screw to the connect ring parts section, please order "add your finishing". *

*These are built-to-order products, so it takes about 6-8 weeks from order to delivery.*

To attach the anchor links of peak design

I can put them through the larger hole.
I could not get it through the top hole as the package photo.
The strap is sewn on the anchor links and cannot be removed.

This is available as an option if desired.
If you wish to order, I will send another invoice for the price of the peak design after order.

This time in Japan, the anchor links is JPY 8000.
The price seems to be a little back and forth depending on when I buy it.

For international shipping

When the product you purchased passes through the customs of the destination country,
it may be subject to tariffs, import duties, and customs fees.
Please note that any duties and taxes incurred in the country of destination are the responsibility of the customer.

I usually ship by EMS/ The Japan Post Office. The shipping fee is JPY 3,000 from Tokyo.

I can ship by FedEx, but the shipping cost is very expensive.
Please let us know if you would like us to ship by FedEx.

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About finishing

The basic finish is two brass rings only.
If you want to add "leather pads" or "camera fixing screw" to the connect ring parts section, please order "add your finishing".

About ring parts

I use the connect ring from Japanese "Cura" brand.

The following is a quote from Cura website:

A replacement ring set of two,perfect for any classic rangefinder or film SLR cameras.These rings are milled out of strong yet soft solid brass(While most ring in the market are steel),then meticulously polished for nearly a day to obtain the smooth finish so that it doesn't scratch the camera lug,and finally coated with chrome.

This chrome finish is careffuly applied not to "over-do",in order to gradually come off with use and to fit well with vintage cameras.This is a standard supplied ring for all Cura straps,but also able to use on other straps.Inner diameter:14.5mm,thickness 2.55mm,Max weight 5 Kg per ring.


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