Custom Order Camera Strap

I am happy making to you a custom-made silk kumihimo camera strap.
Have you ever wished you could use your special personal camera strap?
You can choose from 45 different colors of silk thread to make your own camera strap in the length, color, and pattern of your choice.

order made canera strap by Ninja Geisha

About design;

 Please let me know if there are designs you prefer on my website and Instagram.
Or Please let me know if you have a preferred design!


About colors;

The colors I always have available are the 45 colors in the photo below.
In addition to these silk threads, there are other premium hand-dyed silk yarns.
I only make this one in small quantities, so please let me know your preferred color palette and I will pick up the yarn.


About length;

I will make it to your desired length.
About 120 cm is the most common length in Europe, about 90cm is the most common length in Japan.


About delivery date;

It takes approximately 6 - 8 weeks for my handcraft production time.


About ring connect parts;

The basic ring connection part is sewed with the same thread as the strap.
I can add leather pads or attach the anchor links of peak design.

About price;

Depends on the design and thread.
The price ranges from about JPY 40,000 to JPY 100,000.
I will accept orders for color changes for products on our website at the same price.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

 Keiko of Ninja Geisha Tokyo

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