Tensile Strength Test

About my hand-braiding silk camera straps;

I tested my hand-braiding camera straps for tensile strength.

Since Kumihimo/braided cords were originally used for armor, I was quite confident about their strength.

However, no data on joint strength was available.

I received inquiries that the strength of the joint parts might be low and that it might come off during use.
I conducted a strength test to ensure that the camera straps could be used without anxiety.

The joint with the ring is folded in three pieces for two rings neck/ cross body stpras, and in four pieces for a hand wrist strap with one ring. After gluing with fabric adhesive, eight silk strands of the same color thread as the strap are used to sew the camera strap.

I inspected the strength of that joint.



It proved to be stronger than I had imagined.

This time I tested the strength of five camera straps.
All had the maximum load between 373.3 - 499.72 kg (3660.8 - 4900.6N).

However, Each ring (Cura brand) has a load capacity of 5 kg.
So a hand strap has a load capacity of 5 kg,
a neck strap/crossbody strap has a load capacity of 10 kg.



The instrument used for the test is the "TENSILON".
url: https://www.aandd.jp/products/test_measuring/rtf/rtf.html
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